Private Equity / M&A

Private Equity / M&A

The Private Equity - M&A department, led by Olivier Sanviti, Founding Partner, provides daily advice to executives of growing and innovative companies, as well as investors, offering them multidimensional expertise in legal, technical, and financial matters.

act legal France’s (Aston Avocats) expertise focuses particularly on the following issues:

  • Due diligence (pre-audit)
  • Venture capital and growth capital
  • Acquisitions and company sales.

Expertise of the Private Equity – M&A department

  • Advising, negotiating, and securing transactions
    • With a thorough understanding of new technologies, the team’s intervention aims to:
      Secure transactions and safeguard their interests in sale, acquisition (build-up, due diligence), or fundraising operations.
    • Act as the expert third party and „buffer” in all stages of negotiation to maintain healthy relationships in the short and medium term.
    • Accelerate processes through a proven methodology, modern tools (electronic signature, etc.), and mastery of international negotiations.
  • Audit and valuation

In the context of Private Equity operations, act legal France’ involvement begins upstream of transactions with audits and takes place in a project-oriented mode, leveraging the expertise of other departments within the firm (Tax-Incentives, Social, IP-IT, Business Litigation).

These audits allow act legal France’ lawyers to better understand their clients and help them optimize the value of their company by minimizing legal and social risks.

  • Drafting legal documents

The multilingual team advises and drafts all legal documents related to transactions, in both national and international contexts:

  • Letter of Intent (LOI)
  • Shareholders’ Agreement
  • Investment Protocol
  • Share Purchase Agreement
  • Warranty of Assets and Liabilities
  • Issuance of equity-linked securities (preferred shares, free shares, convertible bonds, redeemable shares, Founder’s Equity Warrants, BSA, BSA Air…).

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