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Environmental law

Environmental law

Our environmental specialists have advised a great many investors, project developers and public authorities about zoning plans and environmental permits, but also, for example, on how to file objections, lodge appeals and avoid enforcement decisions. They know who to contact at public authorities and can guide a project smoothly past all the pitfalls.

Our lawyers conduct proceedings before courts and before the Council of State. They advise on real estate transactions and also have extensive experience with issues relating to the Wet Bibob(Public Administration (Probity Screening) Act).

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Zoning plans. Administrative penalties. Administrative enforcement. Building permits. Contracts between public authorities and private parties. Development plans. Operating permits . Enforcement . Environmental permits and exemptions. Monuments and listed buildings. Compensation for loss resulting from administrative action. Environmental law (WABO– Environmental Licensing (General Provisions) Act). All-in-one permits. Expropriation. Government liability. Planning blight. Project development. Lawful and unlawful government action. Spatial planning. Subsidies. Exemptions. Wet Bibob(Public Administration (Property Screening) Act). Wet Openbaarheid Bestuur (Government Information (Public Access) Act).

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