IT contracts drafting is at the heart of technology law and a cross-over between our technical and commercial practices. Our lawyers know how important it is to know your subject well and we put a good amount of effort to become familiar with key technology concepts. Our technology clients come in all flavours; we represent many companies with non-core IT functions that need to be outsourced. It is not possible to allocate liability, draft a meaningful reps and warranties’ section or know when licensing is not a key matter (cloud, we are looking at you) without understanding disaster recovery and SLAs.

IP licensing is another complex but increasingly important area of IT contracts development. The global nature of FOSS licences and the local specifics of copyright and IPR enforcement require comparative legal knowledge and continuous learning to navigate clients through a contractual and statutory minefield.

We work with IT consultants, cloud computing providers, system integrators and software developers on the technology side. We represent companies from various heavily regulated industries (pharmaceuticals, logistics, banking and financial, platforms, consumer electronics, etc.) and take care of their need to be protected while staying flexible to stay on top of their game. We draft support and maintenance agreements, software development, SaaS, Value-Added Reseller, Distributor/Agency Agreements, Operations, Manufacturing and Supply Agreements, and White Label Agreements, etc.
IT contracting is an increasingly regulated field. From PCI-DSS standards, through strong customer identification requirements to the eIDAS and NIS Directive security prescriptions, regulation of digital services and information security is way more sophisticated than in the early days. Our lawyers are constantly working on keeping track of applicable regulations on both sides of the Atlantic to ensure compliance and mitigate regulatory risk.

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