10 years ago, we gradually started building on our exposure to IT projects due to our active work in banking and finance to set up and spin off our separate TMT practice which has been thriving over the last decade. We specialise not only in soft technologies but have also advised on projects in the fields of big data and AI.

Our varied and deep experience spans from electronic identification and identity issues, digitisation of public services projects, digital finance, complex software development and IT outsourcing to blockchain and crypto assets/tokenisation endeavours and NFTs. We have a wide range of clients from large software/IT outsourcing companies, platforms, industry associations and global corporations to state institutions and state-owned infrastructure companies, like e.g. the Bulgarian independent energy exchange.

Our profound understanding of business objectives and vast experience in commercial contracts combined with our expert technology law, regulations of the digital market and platform economy and data protection create the foundation for comprehensive, yet practical and client-focused advice. Our team has an eye for all technology-specific risks pertinent to TMT projects – for example, cybersecurity and complex software IP issues – which puts us into a position to not only offer excellent legal service but provide project management and coordination skills to our clients tapping into our wide selection of non-legal experts to complement the crew as needed.

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