Bankruptcy & Restructuring

Bankruptcy & Restructuring

Comprehensive legal advice for both debtors and creditors on restructuring and bankruptcy procedures, incl. the so-called “pre-packaged insolvency”, which makes it possible to freely transfer the bankrupt enterprise to an investor.

All aspects of bankruptcy and restructuring law, incl. representation in litigation.

Identification of insolvency criteria and submission of a bankruptcy petition within the requisite deadline.

Selection of the best restructuring procedure type.

Mitigation of risk of liability (civil and criminal) of individuals managing enterprises.

Evaluation of the efficiency of interim reliefs in restructuring and bankruptcy procedures.

Debt adjustment processes for sole proprietors after a bankruptcy procedure as well as processes related to personal bankruptcy.

Negotiations with creditors.

Disputes and criminal proceedings related to bankruptcy and restructuring law

Out-of-court restructuring

Disputes and criminal proceedings related to bankruptcy and restructuring law

Court disputes concerning liability of board members for debts/obligations of an insolvent company, procedures related to bans on engaging in business activity or holding specific positions, proceedings involving criminal liability for failure to submit a bankruptcy petition, as well as other procedures arising from bankruptcy and restructuring law.


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