Capital Markets

Capital Markets

Comprehensive legal advice on capital market transactions

Equity and debt financing through public or private issue of securities (bonds, shares, convertible bonds), as well as equity crowdfunding;

Preparation for public offerings and listing on the regulated market operated by the Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW), or in the alternative trading system (NewConnect or Catalyst), incl. drafting prospectuses, memoranda and other issue-related documents.

All capital transactions and operations, esp. secondary public offerings, issue of subscription warrants, and share buybacks.

Sale and purchase of substantial blocks of shares in listed companies, incl. services related to public calls to subscribe for shares in listed companies.

Compliance with disclosure requirements by companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, NewConnect and Catalyst; ensuring compliance with the Market Abuse Regulation by members of management boards, supervisory boards and other corporate bodies.

Changing the market from NewConnect to the regulated one (Warsaw Stock Exchange), delisting, and dematerialization of shares.

Incentive programs for management boards and directors / managers; implementation of employee capital plans.

Establishment and ongoing operations (incl. compliance) of brokerage firms, investment funds, payment institutions and alternative investment fund managers; all aspects of capital market transactions carried out those entities, esp. ones related to the negotiation of issue agreements, agency agreements and sub-issue agreements, as well as the operation of funds under management.

All types of administrative proceedings before the Polish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Development of corporate dispute strategies; litigation related to securities and capital markets, incl. proceedings before civil, administrative and criminal courts.

Ongoing operations of partnerships and companies, incl. corporate conversion, mergers and divisions, as well as establishment of holding structures.

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