Litigation & Arbitration

Litigation & Arbitration

We represent clients in civil litigation and arbitration proceedings – before common courts, the Supreme Court, the Supreme Administrative Court and arbitration courts – in cases mainly regarding real estate, commercial contracts, compensation, debt recovery and labour disputes.

Dispute resolution and representation of the parties.

Debt recovery enforcement procedures.

Settlement negotiations.

Management of cases before common and arbitration courts.

Pursuit of claims before all types of courts.

White-collar crime

Commercially-related criminal cases; both defending clients and prosecuting their claims (as auxiliary or subsidiary prosecutors) with regard to white-collar crimes, in penal-fiscal cases and criminal liability for workplace accidents.

Tax disputes

Representing clients in numerous tax disputes before tax authorities and administrative courts.

Italian Desk

What definitely sets act legal Poland apart from other law firms is our Italian Desk, which is one of the largest of its kind in Poland. The Italian Desk supports clients in litigation in Poland and Italy. One of the law firm’s distinctive strengths is litigation related to public procurement, both in Poland and Italy.

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