Studies | Traineeships

Due to our size, we are also able to provide our trainee lawyers with the necessary individual and personal attention they need.

Our trainee lawyers are actively involved in mandate work from day one and this way gain an realistic insight into the work of a lawyer at a spin-off law firm.

Lawyers exchange program
With merging into act legal and the LAWorld membership, our trainee lawyers also have the opportunity to work at one of our partner law firms abroad.

Our trainee lawyers (and students) participate in every training which we also offer to our (younger) lawyers in-house (e.g. our internal act legal Germany Knowledge Breakfasts on current legal topics, workshops on business development, etc.)

Social life
Our trainee lawyers (and students) are part of the team and it is a given that they also take part in our “out-of-office” events.

Support while finishing your doctorate
Our trainee lawyers (and students) also receive our full support for their doctoral projects. This includes help with the selection of doctoral topics and a suitable supervisor, as well as the possibility to work with us while finishing your doctorate.