Supplier pool

We at act legal Germany know all sides of insolvency proceedings. Accordingly, we are the ideal partner for trade credit insurers to effectively and efficiently take up, negotiate and enforce rights of separation and, if desired, also rights of segregation as administrator of a supplier pool. With our self-developed supplier pool tool, we keep all members of the supplier pool informed to the second about the current status of the proceedings and offer further additional services on the topic of “customer insolvency”.

Thanks to our longstanding track record in restructuring, we enjoy the trust of restructuring experts and insolvency administrators. Therefore, we get to the point quicker in our negotiations with debtors and can explore the existing pain thresholds more openly.

We are regularly involved in self-administration proceedings on different sides (either as self-administrator, as administrator or as creditor representative) and therefore know the situation and objectives of debtors from our own experience. Our experienced lawyers have a 100% command of the rules of the game in such special proceedings, can calculate and act fairly and pragmatically. This enables us to better identify and utilize existing potentials.

Supplier pools managed by us are accompanied by proven commercial experts. This enables our team to optimally realize retention of title rights, in particular also against defensive purchasing conditions of the debtor.

As a recognized and multi-award-winning full-service law firm, we are well known to companies, not only in the context of insolvencies. We regularly take action not solely in commercial and business law, but likewise act as advisors in M&A transactions, in labor law issues as well as in real estate and financial market law. This creates trust on the part of potential pool members, some of whom have already come to know us and our constructive manner from other areas.

We rely on 100% digital solutions for the registration and administration of the supplier pool. This not only renders our work more efficient, but also makes it easier for our pool members and especially trade credit insurers to assert their own rights and, simultaneously, minimizes the workload and associated indirect costs of all parties involved.

We offer pool members regular reporting on the progress of proceedings and pool claims. This not only provides pool members with clarity on the progress of the proceedings, but also enables them to better assess the prospects regarding success of the proceedings and the supplier pool.

act legal Germany is known for its fast and precise implementation of projects in all areas. Of course, this also applies to the assertion and handling of rights of separation and segregation within the framework of a supplier pool.

Every company and every insolvency situation is unique. So why should suppliers settle for template solutions? We “tailor” the respective supplier pool flexibly to the situation and according to the respective needs of the pool members. If the situation requires it, we additionally take on the recording of rights to separate satisfaction, for example, or prepare claims filings for pool members.

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