What we offer

As a smaller unit, we have the possibility to individually design training and further education opportunities and we do not need to practice a one size fits all mentality. The path to partnership at ACT consists of the following career building blocks:

International environment
ACT is international. Together with the law firms from our network act legal and our partners at LAWorld, we work across all borders. This means exciting international mandates, early involvement in networking and, additionally, the opportunity to work as a “Visiting Lawyer” in one of our foreign offices for a certain time.

Part-time doctorate
We actively support our younger lawyers with the preparation/completion of their dissertation. Through various models, we ensure the compatibility of doctorate and career start.

Mentorship program
All of our “newcomers” are assigned a mentor who actively accompanies them on their path to partnership and develops approaches to generating their own valuable business cases. The possibilities are as individual as our lawyers are. In addition to the classic paths, the development of a new field of law, such as, for example, the recent field of sports law (e-sports), is also possible, as is the integration into international networking.

Academy – Internal training program
Our business development training supports our young lawyers in acquiring the soft skills necessary to build their own business cases.

The ACT Knowledge Breakfast enables them to look beyond their own horizons: from ACTls for ACTls on current legal topics etc. – always with practical relevance.

MBA – Non-legal, especially (additional) business qualifications
A profound (business-) economic understanding and expertise is one of ACT’s key assets. Our lawyers working in the transactional environment are therefore consistently “dually qualified“. If our younger lawyers do not yet have the necessary business knowledge, we actively support them in completing an Executive MBA.

Foreign language skills
All our lawyers have the possibility to work with a language instructor who teaches the skills relevant for working on the mandate, as required in individual or group sessions.

Acquisition of specialist lawyer titles
All our lawyers carry the specialist titles required for their mandate work. To us, it is a given that we pay the course fees incurred in the process and assist with the preparation and application.