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Employment 18. júna 2020

Hungary: Common labour law issues and misconceptions in the state of emergency

If the company’s sales have fallen due to the crisis caused by the coronavirus, can employees’ salaries be reduced or even employed in other jobs? The employer may not unilaterally reduce the wages... »čitať viac
act legal Hungary
Public Procurement 26. mája 2020

Poland: Amendments to public procurement law in view of draft “Anti-Crisis Shield 4.0”

A draft version of the so-called “Anti-Crisis Shield 4.0” has just reached the parliament (the “Draft Bill”). It introduces further amendments to the existing special purpose act, including ones th... »čitať viac
act legal Poland
Employment 26. mája 2020

Czech Republic: Employers will be able to gefer contributions to their social insurance at reduced penalties

On May 20, 2020, the Czech Senate passed a law allowing employers to defer payments for their social security insurance premiums for the months of May – July 2020 at reduced penalties. The la... »čitať viac
Mgr. Lenka Droscová
act legal Czech Republic
Dispute 20. mája 2020

Poland: Anti-Crisis Shield 3.0 – suspension of court and procedural deadlines lifted

May 16, 2020 was the effective date for most provisions of the so-called “Anti-Crisis Shield 3.0.” The Act lifts the suspension of court and procedural deadlines. When will time limits start to run... »čitať viac
Piotr Wojnar
act legal Poland
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