act legal firm WMWP is partner of the Association of Austrian In-house Lawyers

act legal firm WMWP Attorney is a front runner partner of the VUJ and is looking forward to a successful cooperation.

The Association of Austrian In-house Lawyers is the first association for in-house lawyers in Austria with the aim to bring together the interests of the Austrian in-house lawyers and to act as representation body. The VUJ intends to establish a professional profile for in-house lawyers and to develop it further by taking into account the continuously changing circumstances.

For act legal firm WMWP it is an additional important step as corporate law firm ensuring to be at the pulse of the in-house lawyer’s day-to-day practice and we are fully committed to support VUJ’s success.

act legal firm WMWP Lead Legal Advisor on acquisition of Afaktor

act legal firm WMWP supported A.B.S. Global Factoring AG as lead legal advisor on the acquisition of Afaktor d.o.o, a Slovenian factoring company. With this transaction Abanka d.d., the purchaser, could successfully complete the sale of its factoring subsidiary to a strategic investor.

A.B.S. Global Factoring AG is one of the largest factoring groups in Germany with subsidiaries in Austria, Switzerland and Sweden.

AWS Mittelstandsfonds’ succesful exit with act legal firm WMWP

In 2010, AWS Mittelstandsfonds provided growth capital in order to contribute to and facilitate the global expansion strategy of International Jet Management GmbH. Having reached the relevant expansion milestones, aws Mittelstandsfonds now had the opportunity to execute a successful exit. For the exit process, aws Mittelstandsfonds retained the legal services from act legal firm WMWP.

International Jet Management GmbH is specialised in business jet operations, providing a wide array of related services and having offices in Vienna, Hong Kong and Bahrain.