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22. lutego 2024

The Hungarian ESG Act has arrived

Due to the holiday season and the legislative dumping at the end of the year, the important new milestone in the ESG field did not receive much publicity, even though Act CVIII of 2023, the ESG Act... Czytaj więcej
22. lutego 2024

Fake environmental awareness, or the “green washing” phenomenon – according to the Hungarian Competition Authority

Today, more and more companies are trying to convince consumers with the pretence of a sustainable future and environmental awareness. However, in many cases, there is no real responsibility behind... Czytaj więcej
16. sierpnia 2023

Cross-border transaction: Private Equity Investor Nimbus sells RAMPF Group

act legal advised the private equity investor Nimbus hands-on investors in a cross-border transaction led by act legal Germany (act AC Tischendorf Rechtsanwälte) with further teams from act legal H... Czytaj więcej
22. kwietnia 2021

Raport BNP Paribas Real Estate we współpracy z act legal

Jak pierwsze miesiące pandemii wpłynęły na terminowość prac deweloperów, zmiany w projektach i oczekiwania ze strony najemców w czterech największych krajach Europy Środkowej? Czy dla inwestorów dz... Czytaj więcej

A new company on the Hungarian car-sharing market

In April a new member belonging to the Wallis-group entered into the Hungarian car-sharing market, which provides its exclusive services as a member of the internationally recognized and well-known... Czytaj więcej

act legal Hungary leads legal representation of Air France – KLM in 11 countries

Five regional and international law firms had participated in the restricted tender and the winner was announced at the end of February. The legal services cover a number of fields of the airline o... Czytaj więcej

Things are moving in a good direction

Márton Karika from act legal Hungary is interviewed in the article “Trustworthiness Pays Well: German Law Firms in Hungary” published by the Budapest Business Journal. “With the economy doing well ... Czytaj więcej


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