Dispute Resolution
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Dispute Resolution

You can count on us to take decisive concluding steps in complex litigation and arbitration cases.

Commercial claims

Receivables management. Court representation. Interim measures. Arbitration. Avoidance proceedings. Seizure of domestic and foreign assets. Enforcement.

Labour law disputes

Representation in labour courts. Representation in the European Court of Justice. Representation in conciliation committee proceedings. Pursuing test cases. Bargaining with trade unions.

Real estate disputes

Recovery of debts. Default action. Court representation. Interim measures. Arbitrations. Avoidance proceedings. Seizure of domestic and foreign assets.

IT disputes

Domestic and foreign arbitrations. Representation in court. Stand-alone evidence proceedings. Domain mediation proceedings. Mediation process.

IP disputes

Judicial representation, including patent courts. Representation before the German Patent and Trademark Office (GPTO) and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EU-IPO). Representation before the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Domestic and foreign arbitrations.

Tax disputes

Appeal and fiscal court proceedings. Voluntary self-disclosures. Defence against liability claims.

Corporate disputes

Arbitral expert opinion procedures. Arbitration. Representation in the civil courts.

Outsourcing projects disputes

Price adjustments. Securement of contractual rights. Arbitral expert opinion process. Arbitrations. Representation in civil courts.

Commercial litigation

Assessment of client entitlements. Estimation of client success in a dispute. Active and passive disputes. Business contracts and commercial disputes. Tort law disputes. Warranty law disputes. Tenancy disputes. Banking law disputes. Disputes with regard to debt collection. Claims management. Disputes with regard to enforcement law. Securities and commodities. Trade secrets and antitrust.

Liability proceedings

Proceedings on the liability of third parties, in particular of consultants. Insurance.

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