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Won't work, doesn't work – and especially not with us. If “the box” is not supposed to be the intellectual boundary and you place particular value on speed, clever ideas and tactical intuition, we are the right law firm for you. We score points for extraordinary solutions in all situations.

We focus on providing unmatched quality in corporate, M&A and commercial legal services.
We are ranked among Europe’s leading practitioners in offering tailor-made advice for employers.
We are at your side from the legal management of tunrkey projects to negotiations with anchor tenants.
Count on us to provide you with a full understanding and thorough advice on balanced financing.
We offer a whole range of powerful support for financial investors, family offices and growth investors.
We are dedicated to serving as protector of the intangible elements of your business.
We are determined to find the final lifeline even in the most difficult situations.
Count on us to help you comply with tax regimes and understand the regulatory framework of your business.
You can count on us to take decisive steps in complex litigation and arbitration cases.
With our expertise, regulation is not a restriction, but a competitive advantage.
We have absolutely perfect footing for doing busines with China. Our virtually unique position on the market and our excellent contacts in China make us a strong partner. In fact, we build bridges in both directions.
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Here is why act legal is the first choice of law firm for international businesses, corporate clients, investors, entrepreneurs and executives.

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